Global recycling day


The Bureau of International Recycling has long held a global remit.

BIR has long held a global remit. Founded in 1948, it was the first federation to represent the interests of the recycling industry worldwide. With 800 member companies from the private sector and 34 national associations in more than 70 countries, BIR is now the largest international recycling federation. One of its key objectives is to promote recycling across the globe among other industrial sectors, policy-makers and the wider community.

To help achieve this goal of greater international recognition of the benefits of recycling, BIR strongly believes it has a responsibility to seek to establish Global Recycling Day. Setting a day each year to mark the vital role that recycling plays in the fight against climate change would be an effective way of focusing attention worldwide on the concrete steps urgently needed to help safeguard our planet.

Currently there are various regional initiatives around the recycling theme, but there is no consolidated action at an international level. BIR is taking up the challenge of making Global Recycling Day a reality. As an international trade association, BIR has at its disposal a network of national recycling associations and member companies that can help spread this action across the globe. BIR is calling upon supranational organisations such as the United Nations, more in particular UNESCO and the United Nations Environment Programme, to include Global Recycling Day in the official calendar of internationally celebrated days.