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BIR Secreteriat

Postal Address:   24 Avenue Franklin Roosevelt
1050 Brussels
Telephone: +32 2 627 57 70
Fax: +32 2 627 57 73
E-mail: bir@bir.org
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Risheek Global


Sayed Metal specializes in recycling, trading and processing of non-ferrous metals, primarily focused on copper, aluminum and lead, with remarkably designed facilities and well trained staff to cater the needs of local and international valued customers.


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Daiki Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd. is the largest secondary aluminium smelting company in Japan and has affiliated companies in South-East Asian countries, China and Poland. Its group total production was approximately 580,000 ton in 2016 and its main product is secondary aluminium alloy for die-casting, casting and rolling of can sheet. The consolidated sales last year were approximately 157billion Japanese Yen (approx. US$1.41bn). www.dik-net.com

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Sims Metal Management is the world’s leading metals and electronics recycler.  We are global leaders in the secure and sustainable management of resources for industry, organizations and the public-at-large. Today, Sims Metal Management has over 200 locations on five continents, and more than 5,500 employees. In addition to its industry-leading metal recycling business, Sims Metal Management also operates the world’s leading electrical and electronics recovery and recycling business, Sims Recycling Solutions, as well as Sims Municipal Recycling, which handles curbside materials.
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Metallo Group – Recycling multi-metals for tomorrow

Metallo Group, with recycling facilities in Belgium and Spain, has close to 100 years of experience. Our ‘Furnace of Innovation’ and advanced technologies gives Metallo Group a unique worldwide position in recycling the most complex raw materials. Every year we consume about 350.000 tons of secondary raw materials and recover the metals while minimizing the impact of our activities on society and environment. With our deep understanding and knowledge of the global scrap markets, we provide a solid basis for our service towards our suppliers and customers.

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NICRINOX has become one of the world leaders in stainless steel scrap recycling by extending expert experience, integrity, accurate and true analysis determination and strong financial support.

Being a final link between consumers and suppliers all over the world and blending functionality with quality, NICRINOX provides the best in stainless steel, nickel-alloyed, chromium-alloyed and molybdenum-alloyed scrap.

Understanding suppliers’ and consumers’ needs makes NICRINOX a most trust-worthy link in the stainless steel recycling industry.