Posted on 18/06/2013 in category BIR

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      BIR Shanghai: BIR offers forum for exchange between national associations during its conventions

For the second time, BIR organised a meeting with the directors of national member associations who were attending the last World Recycling Convention & Exhibition in Shanghai.

The main topics under discussion were the growing trend for certification affecting the recycling sector and the issue of metal theft.

Participants agreed that the development and implementation of appropriate certification standards needed to be addressed by BIR and the national member associations. Acting as a group would promote responsible business practices, as opposed to initiatives aimed at restricting recycling industry operations.

While the issue of health and safety occupied a large part of the activity of certain member associations, participants regretted that too often the issue drew attention only when an accident occurred. In this respect it would be recommendable that the BIR Tools for Occupational Health and Safety Management were to be publicised more.

With regards to metal theft, few BIR member associations had national experience with the implementation of cash limits and cashless system, though most recognised that a number of activities were needed to reduce and prevent metal theft, including securing metal in use, and for law enforcement to detect and respond to metal theft. Participants agreed that the priority for their members was to collaborate efficiently with police and judicial authorities on this troubling matter.

The meetings with the directors of national member associations will be a regular feature in the upcoming BIR convention schedules and are set to provide a constructive forum for exchange between national member associations.