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BIR World Mirror on Non-Ferrous Metals - April 2013

New committee to reflect electronic scrap growth

Under the auspices and as a part of the BIR Non-Ferrous Metals Division, our new electronic scrap committee will make its debut at our Spring Convention in Shanghai with a workshop scheduled to start at 16.30 on Monday May 27.

Electronic scrap, evident in so many different forms, is a rapidly growing sector of our industry. It is at once dynamic and very different from the more mainstream and less complex metals so common in our industry.

Along with that dynamism comes a very different nuance in the grades of material; the way they are treated; and the myriad of regulations that pertain to their recycling. It is for these reasons that we chose to establish a committee of the Non-Ferrous Metals Division to keep our members informed about this rapidly changing sector of the industry.

In the coming weeks, we will announce the leadership of the committee and the content of its workshop in Shanghai.

Robert Stein
Alter Trading (USA)
President of the BIR Non-Ferrous Metals Division
january 2013

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