Posted on 02/10/2017 in category Plastics

BIR World Mirror on Plastics - Issue September 2017

International Scenario for the Plastic Scrap Market

China’s “National Sword 2017” initiative has brought significant changes to the European plastics scrap market. Fear of possible restrictions on Chinese imports of certain forms of plastics scrap has drastically altered the demand for, and commercial values of, plastics scrap in Europe. As per data from the European Commission, China imported 1.62 million tons of plastics scrap in 2016, which was more than 50% of the total exported from the European Union. If China takes the decision to ban imports of plastics scrap, this would create huge availability in Europe.

Most European collectors are currently running their businesses without any clarity as regards to what kinds of plastics scrap will be allowed to enter China and what will be restricted completely. Some exporters are of the opinion that production waste plastic scrap will be allowed as China is taking these measures in response to high levels of pollution resulting from household plastic imports. On the other hand, the Chinese government is discussing imposing a ban on materials coming under HS CODE 3915, which would technically include production waste as well (...)

by Surendra Patawari Borad
Gemini Corporation NV (Belgium)
Chairman of the Plastics Committee

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