Posted on 16/10/2017 in category Paper

BIR World Mirror on Recovered Paper / Quarterly Report - October 2017

Ranjit Baxi, J&H Sales International Ltd

International Markets with a focus on Asia

Growth in advanced economies has continued to gain momentum while the recovery in world trade seems to have slowed somewhat. Global economies continue to be subjected to uncertainties both externally - mainly geopolitical, oil prices and currency fluctuations - and domestically by changing demand cycles and local regulatory controls.

China’s economic growth for the quarter appears to have slipped slightly although its businesses remain strong and robust. The market is anticipating a reversal of the strong commodities demand cycle enjoyed over the last five quarters. A medium-term slowdown is anticipated as the government tries to impose stricter regulations to correct existing financial vulnerabilities and to rebalance the economy to make it more reliant on domestic consumption and less on traditional growth engines like manufacturing.

Fibre exports to China were greatly reduced in the third quarter following the “Border Gate Sword” controls on imports during July and additionally by the notification to the World Trade Organization on July 18 of the country’s intention to ban imports of certain scrap materials by the year-end (...)

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