Posted on 08/02/2017 in category Stainless

BIR World Mirror on Stainless Steel & Special Alloys - Issue February 2017

Protectionism seen as a threat to growth

Europe’s crude stainless output significantly increased in the fourth quarter of 2016, as a result of which total output for the year is expected to be 3% higher than in 2015.

In light of positive economic growth forecasts for most regions, stainless producers in Europe remain optimistic about production volumes in 2017. Therefore, good demand for stainless scrap is expected.

Nevertheless, most producers fear the possible negative effects of protectionism on any growth scenario.

Regarding prices, most participants remain cautious. The expected increase in the availability of Indonesian nickel ore might limit any upside for the nickel price while ferrous remains quite volatile and a sharp decline in the chrome price is expected throughout the coming months.

All in all, 2017 is expected to be a challenging year for the stainless recycling industry.

Joost  van Kleef (Oryx Stainless B.V.),
Chairman of the BIR Stainless Steel & Special Alloys Committee

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