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BIR World Recycling Convention (Round-Table Sessions) in Amsterdam (23 - 25 October 2016)

Ferrous Division:     
International scrap markets – what to expect next!

So far, over 500 participants representing 250 leading recycling companies have registered for the upcoming BIR World Recycling Convention in Amsterdam. Attendees will benefit from the latest updates on the international recycling markets  and the short to middle term outlook provided by expert guest speakers and senior businesspeople on the divisional and committee boards.

The BIR Ferrous Division offers a comprehensive analysis of current and future market trends by inviting one of the leading research and consultancy groups specialised in global energy, metals and mining research, Wood McKenzie. In the current climate of business uncertainty, Wood McKenzie’s expertise will provide delegates with valuable information that will benefit their business.

Curtis Zhu joined Wood Mackenzie’s Steel Market Service team in November 2011. He contributes to both Iron Ore Market Service and Steel Market Service, with a focus on China iron and steel industry, as well as global iron ore demand.

Prior to joining Wood Mackenzie, Mr Zhu spent six years with Steel Business Briefing, starting in Shanghai from 2006, and was sent to London on secondment from 2010. At SBB, Mr Zhu helped set-up all the major products and infrastructure in its Research & Consulting business. This included setting up a China steel industry database, creating SBB’s steel map products, and managing global forecasting models covering steel, iron ore, and metallurgical coal & coke markets. Mr Zhu holds a BSc Mechanics from Fudan University in China.

The title of Mr Zhu’s presentation is: "Chinese steel industry: past, present and future".

A Q&A session will give attendees the opportunity for a lively exchange.

The plenary meeting will also feature an overview of the current and future international steel and ferrous scrap markets presented by a senior board member, as well as an update on global steel recycling statistics by BIR Statistics Advisor Rolf Willeke.

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