Posted on 11/01/2018 in category Legislation

China: Breaking News: MEP and AQSIQ publish GB Standards

Our sources in China have just informed us that the GB 16487 Environmental Protection Control Standards for a certain number of wastes have just been published.

The following percentages for impurities are now confirmed:
•    smelt slag 0.5%,
•    wood 0.5%,  
•    paper 0.5%,
•    ferrous 0.5%,
•    non-ferrous 1%,
•    waste electric motors 0.5%,
•    wires and cables 0.5%,
•    metal and appliance scrap 0.5%,
•    vessels 0.05%,
•    plastic 0.5%,
•    autos 0.3%.

BIR expresses regret that the concerns voiced towards the Chinese Ministry of Environment and the World Trade Organisation in an official letter dated 8th December 2017 were not fully taken into account. The official documents will be made  available to our members in due course.