Posted on 13/09/2010 in category Legislation

Chinese Legislation: Online renewal of AQSIQ registration delayed

After many efforts over the past weeks to receive clarification on the AQSIQ registration renewal procedure, BIR has finally received confirmation by the Deputy Director of AQSIQ that the online AQSIQ registration procedure would not be available before October as a result of problems with the technical implementation of the system.

For now, BIR members are therefore requested to send their renewal applications in hard copy, either in Chinese or bilingual Chinese-English, and make sure that they receive written confirmation of delivery. AQSIQ also states clearly that they never officially accredited or recognized any firm/company that could assist with the AQSIQ certification renewal procedure.

As far as new applications are concerned, online application is feasible.

For information regarding the full certification procedure, please consult the BIR Members Area.