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Does your company outside the EU have problems exporting "waste & scrap" out of the EU? / Does your company inside the EU have problems exporting “waste & scrap” out of the EU?

The European Commission Public Consultation on the Evaluation of the "Regulation (EC) No 1013/2006 on shipments of waste" is open until 27 April 2018.

Most importantly, this Consultation covers also the Commission Regulation (EC) No 1418/2007 as amended. Fondamentaly that Regulation controls the export from the EU of non-hazardous waste & scrap to non-OECD Countries for recycling. You may remember the ‘note verbale’ questionnaire sent to non-OECD Countries asking those Countries which waste & scrap they would allow to import.

Some countries responded to the EU Commission DG Trade that they prohibit imports of certain “waste & scrap” or wished to control imports. Those non-OECD Country responses can be consulted at

Since 1998, BIR has consistently expended much time and effort to ensure countries recognise their industrial needs for secondary raw materials and respond in their own best interests to the EU Commission DG Trade. Still, BIR members in certain non-OECD countries wishing to import waste & scrap for recycling cannot do so due to their own Government response to DG Trade. If your company cannot import waste & scrap for recycling from the EU please contact BIR Trade & Environment Director Ross Bartley (

The purpose of the evaluation of the Regulation is to identify the good and bad practices in the implementation of the Waste Shipment Regulation and assess whether this has met its objectives on the basis of five criteria (efficiency, effectiveness, relevance, coherence, EU-added value).

The public consultation offers an opportunity for any interested party, including private citizens, companies, organisations, public authorities, etc. to submit a contribution by expressing an opinion and supplying useful information.
You can contribute to this public consultation by filling out the online questionnaire HERE.

The European Commission website for the Public Consultation is:

BIR Trade & Environment Director Ross Bartley will provide a consolidated BIR response to this Consultation: if you also wish your concerns raised through BIR please contact by 23rd April 2018.