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Global Recycling Day – How you can participate: ideas and promotional items that you can use on the Day 

Dear BIR member,

As the world’s first Global Recycling Day approaches (18th March 2018), we wanted to invite you to participate either in your businesses, your communities, individually or on social media.  

Global Recycling Day is about showing the world just how important the recycling industry is to the future of our planet, and that we all have a collective duty to use and reuse the goods and materials around us to best preserve the planet’s precious primary resources.

The Day itself has two overriding messages, messages we want to see repeated across your country – in the media, on social channels and in homes and businesses.

  1. To show the world that recycling is too important NOT to be a global issue.
  2. To ask the world to think “resource” not “waste” when it comes to the goods and materials around us – until we do this, we will not truly value the power of recyclables and therefore never really harness their potential.

We are asking the world – from leaders to individuals – to take notice on 18th March, to commit to making key changes to their recycling habits, signing the Global Recycling Day petition (HERE) and sharing activities on our social channels.

We would love you to get involved, even in the smallest way, and below are a couple of thoughts for inspiration.

  • The Day itself falls on a Sunday this year, so it might be a chance for you to do something at home, whether it be a picnic using recycled paper plates or cups, a litter pick on your street, or recycling with your family. 
  • If you would rather do something with your colleagues (make a recycling pledge, committing to reducing single-pastic use, or better disposing of your e-scrap) we know many businesses are choosing to do this on Friday 16th or Monday 19th March instead,

Whatever you do – please capture it on camera, or on video –and share it with us at BIR or on your social channels using #GlobalRecyclingDay.

In order to help all our members best celebrate Global Recycling Day, BIR has compiled a series of assets and downloads which you can find on the link below:

To help you navigate your way through this, you will find the following on the drive:

•    Artwork for four pop-up banners, useful for any public or speaking events
•    Brand and messaging guidelines.
•    Social Media toolkit (with suggested tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram posts – all clickable).
•    Artwork for garland-style flags (great for decorating)
•    A suite of suggested imagery
•    Suite of infographics, the PowerPoint versions of which has a place for you to co-brand with your logo (open by clicking “open with Google slides”).
•    A copy of the Global Recycling Day Manifesto (outlining what the day stands for), again useful for anything more formal you might be doing
•    Artwork for an A4 poster to show you are participating in, and celebrating the Day.
•    A short Q&A document, should you have any media interest.
•    T-shirt design templates, ideal for larger organisations or community events.
•    A template press release for you to use, to help highlight any activities you are undertaking.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Your team at BIR

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