Posted on 23/01/2017 in category BIR

Global Recycling Day website goes live!

Fill in the online petition and be part of our international initiative!

In 2016, BIR has launched the project of organising a Global Recycling Day. As you can imagine, this is not an easy task. But every big project starts with a small step: after having defined the scope of what we want to achieve we developed a brochure that was presented to BIR members attending the 2016 World Recycling Convention (Round-Table Sessions) in Amsterdam.

This brochure is now on its way to all our members and can be viewed online here. Your company/association should use it to promote the Global Recycling Day amongst other recycling companies, local and national governments, and the wider public, and for this, more copies can be obtained upon request.

We have now set up a dedicated website which is accessible here or via the BIR portal As the project evolves, the website will be filled with more information on actions, stakeholders, supporters, campaigns etc.

An important part of this is our ‘Online Petition’: please add your voice to ours by endorsing this initiative and by posting online your message of support. Please make sure that you agree to display your name and comment so that others can see what you have posted.          

Our aim is to dramatically increase the visibility of the international recycling industry and vigorously highlight the important contribution of recycling to climate change mitigation and the protection of our planet. As a result, political decision makers, other industrial sectors and the public will be aware of who we are and how the recycling industry benefits society.

We are putting all our efforts in teaming up with strong partners such as the United Nations, but eventually it is with the support of our company members and national associations that we will translate this global initiative into an impressive statement on behalf of the international recycling industry.