Posted on 02/04/2009 in category Legislation


Exports to India

BIR has been informed that since 23 March 2009, Indian customs areparticipating in “Operation DEMETER” (Green Earth). Until 11 May 2009 customs willstrictly control “waste” shipments and in particular imports of wastepaper and recovered paper.

Customs will examine and check whether:
  • the waste paper imported is correctly classified under HSN
  • the waste paper imported is re-usable/recyclable
  • it pertains to hazardous nature or contains othercommodities of hazardous nature
  • it contains any other commodity waste other than paper

They will look at:
  • track on the use of imported waste paper
  • valuation of the waste paper
  • false declaration on the quantity of the waste paper
  • descriptions of the product
  • proper packing and labelling
  • routing of the shipments
  • track record of the importers of the waste paper

Although BIR is convinced that its members supply and exportnon-hazardous materials in accordance with the internationallegislation and with the rules imposed by importing and exportingcountries, we felt that it is our duty to share this information withyou.