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Bureau of InternationalRecycling 

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Guestspeakers from Banc of AmericaSecurities-Merrill Lynch and the Organisation of European AluminiumRefinersand Remelters

Theplenary session of the BIRNon-Ferrous Metals Division on Monday, 26th October 2009 at9.30 hrswill hear presentations from two senior experts of the metals markets.

MichaelWidmer leads the research coverage in metals markets at Banc of AmericaSecurities – Merrill Lynch. Mr Widmer has in-depth industry expertiseanda thorough understanding of the metals markets. Prior to BAC-ML, heworked forBNP Paribas as Senior Metals Strategist and for Lehman Brothers as HeadofMetals Research. He also held senior positions at Calyon Corporate andInvestment Bank as well as Macquarie Bank.

Thetitle of his speech will be : “Fiscal and monetary stimulus programmeshave saved metals”.

Secondguest speaker Mr Günther Kirchner, Secretary General of theOrganisation ofEuropean Aluminium Refiners and Remelters (OEA), will be giving anoverview onthe European aluminium markets. OEA is the international association ofcompanies that deal with the recovery and recycling of aluminium.Membersinclude producers of casting alloys (refiners) and of wrought alloys(remelters) if they predominantly use secondary raw materials forproduction.Furthermore, the aluminium recycling industry comprises processors ofaluminiumcontaining secondary raw materials, provided that they operate theirplants onan industrial scale.

Mr Kirchnerhas been with the OEA for the last 25years. He is also the head of the Verband derAluminiumrecycling-Industrie(VAR), the German association that promotes the recovery and recyclingof lightmetals.
The title ofhis speech will be :“Aluminium Recycling in Europe –present and future challenges”.