Posted on 03/03/2010 in category Non-Ferrous

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It is not too early to have an eye toward the end of the year when most AQSIQ licenses for exporters of scrap to China will expire. Some changes in the process have already been advised and reported, and there will likely be more as new policies in that country emerge. To that end, BIR has accepted an invitation to attend and make a presentation to a forum organized by CIQAR (China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association Reused and Recycling Branch), the Government's organization that operates under the guidance of AQSIQ and the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The meeting will be held in Guangzhou in early April, and its purpose is to educate on policy changes going forward. I will attend on behalf of BIR and report news that is relevant to our membership. More information on the forum is available on the following website:

In preparation for the presentation and likely discussions with Chinese authorities, it is important that the Secretariat receives commentary from its membership on matters related to the practical aspects of your dealings with these various agencies. In particular, it would be helpful to know if the required processes with which we must comply are easily accomplished in a manner that facilitates and does not inhibit commerce.

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