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Uruguay: scrap generation gathers momentum

The previous report in May this year mentioned rising prices. This increase has been happening for more than six months and has provided relief given the low volumes handled because COVID cases have forced businesses either to close their doors or work at a slower pace.

As of September 23, 72% of Uruguay’s population had been double-vaccinated, or almost all of those authorized (over the age of 12). Owing to this and to the fact that case numbers and deaths are low and under greater control, businesses have gone back to work - notably government-owned companies, which are the biggest in the country. As a result, scrap generation is finally increasing.

Another factor for recycling businesses has been freight difficulties. Ships are scarce and finding container space has become an art form, while contracts are experiencing multiple delays. Fortunately, higher metals prices as well as the patience and understanding of loyal customers are helping to ensure that those delayed contracts are fulfilled and that the industry is kept running.