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Brazil: OECD move can be a boost for recycling

The Brazilian government has received a letter of invitation from the Council of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) that formalizes the beginning of the country’s accession process to the group.

Examining the content of the invitation letter, 40% of the recommendations refer to the environment and, with specific notes, the policies that involve solid waste. And for success on this accession journey, it will be necessary to align with the international strategic understanding of solid waste. OECD member countries already recognize recyclable waste (recycling commodities) as an input in the production chain, as well as the strategic need for good waste management for the nation.

For this, the National Institute of Brazilian Iron and Steel Scrap Companies (INESFA) has been working hard at national Congress and Brazilian government level, representing the recycling sector and supporting the government in this mission. On April 28, we launched the National Recycling Institute, with other commodities such as non-ferrous metals, paper, plastics, electronics, rubber/tyres and glass being incorporated into a new INESFA. At the same time, a parliamentary front for recyclers was launched in Brazil as part of a process that will give the sector a greater voice in regulatory and governmental issues.