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China reinforces import inspection requirements

On June 1 2021, China’s General Administration of Customs published Announcement No. 39 on “Adjusting the Catalogue of Import and Export Commodities Subject to Inspection”. The announcement stipulated that imported recycled steel (GB/T 39733-2020), recycled brass (GB/T 38470-2019), recycled copper (GB/T 38471-2019) and recycled cast aluminium alloy (GB/T 38472-2019) raw materials must be subjected to inspection by local customs. Implementation was from June 10.

During a recent import inspection, Guangdong Customs seized 72.4 tons of non-conforming recycled raw materials. The import registration was for two containers of recycled brass crumb and one container of recycled aluminium blocks. A total of three containers were subsequently sealed by officials and all the raw materials were shipped out of the country under customs supervision.

The National Non-ferrous Metals Standardization Technical Committee has published three recycled non-ferrous metal standards as well as implementation guidelines for “Recycled copper raw materials”, “Recycled brass raw materials” and “Recycled cast aluminium alloy raw materials”. Importers and exporters must conform to the three standards, implementation guidelines and customs inspection requirements. Material should pre-processed abroad and be high-quality, recycled raw materials for direct casting/smelting. So they are positioned as high-quality, raw material products.

According to customs inspection requirements, inspection criteria can include apparent characteristics, foreign material, radioactive pollution, hazardous substances, the amount of metallic copper and aluminium, total metal, metal recovery rates, etc.