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Nordic Countries

In Northern Europe, the aluminium industry is facing the same supply challenges as seen in many other sectors. Lack of supply of bauxite and increasing demand for aluminium products in, among others, the automotive sector are driving scrap prices to levels not seen in many years. Furthermore, increased demand for alloying products such as magnesium and silicon is a further topic of concern for the industry.

The many changes in China’s non-ferrous metals policy are causing insecurity among Zorba sellers and large volumes of material are sold into India these days. Demand for Zorba is good and prices seem to be at a fair level.

High levels of volatility in LME copper prices are the focus for traders of copper and brass products. LME prices can change dramatically within a matter of hours, and overnight movements of US$ 500 per tonne are becoming more and more common. Deductions from LME have fallen since the summer - a clear indication of the increased demand for copper scrap.

Demand for copper cables within Europe is also high. Previously, China and subsequently South East Asia were the major outlets for European cables but most are now handled in Europe, with Poland being an important market.