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A protest by Canadian and US truck drivers opposed to a COVID vaccine mandate ended on February 20 after almost a month. The mandate established by the Canadian government earlier this year required truck drivers wanting to cross the border between Canada and the USA to be fully vaccinated.

The ripple effects of the mandate and of the drivers’ response are still being felt today through shortages and higher-than-normal rates. Recyclers are having to pay more for freight and to finance their inventories for longer while they wait for goods to move. Although scrap flows have been improving of late, a cold and snowy winter across most of Canada has hindered metal movements; some recyclers have reported having to shut down for multiple days in February owing to extreme cold conditions.

On a positive note, Canada is set to announce that fully-vaccinated travellers entering the country either via land or air will no longer be required to present a negative COVID test from the end of March.