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Like every other European nation, the Benelux countries are being challenged by the current energy situation.

Of particular interest in this context is a discussion being held within Belgium at present. Some time ago, the country decided to close its existing nuclear power plants, as a result of which it would become more dependent on imports from, among others, France. However, France is not performing owing to technical hurdles, and this is directly impacting electricity availability in Belgium over the medium term. Therefore, the current debate surrounds reversing that earlier decision to make sure enough electricity is available within the country.

Conditions are very quiet and calm at scrap yards, it is confirmed by most people within the Benelux area; the only material stream to attract some level of excitement is refinery copper. It seems to be very quiet on the high-grade coppers, brasses and other alloys, and a similar trend is to be seen on the aluminium side of our business. Shredder operators are confirming this current slower pace and, if this does not quicken soon, some of them might face input shortages.

I guess everyone is currently focused on the World Cup in Qatar and the upcoming Christmas holidays.