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Although not much has changed in the Benelux market since the previous Mirror, hope is slowly but steadily returning to the key German economy. If this kicks in effectively, it will have a positive impact on all neighbouring countries, including the Benelux. 

Some months ago, the cloud of a potential recession was hanging over our heads but latest indicators suggest this is becoming less of a threat. On another positive note, Benelux has enjoyed a rather mild winter so far, thus benefitting energy cost levels as fewer sources are put under pressure as a result. 

The Belgian government is currently trying to instill and/or repair trust and confidence among domestic industrial operations by trying to ensure energy can be made available at a fair and reasonable cost. Belgium is trying to come up with a new proposal for a climate-neutral energy system, to be achieved by 2050, and it will be very interesting to see how this is progressed over the next couple of months.

Specifically for the non-ferrous industry, there is not much different to report. Yards are up and running after the holidays but it is not really that busy. Tougher winters used to force people to hold on to materials owing to an inability to deliver, but a milder climate means yards remain open to receive materials, flattening the spike that was once typical after the Christmas and New Year holidays.