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A hot summer is expected for Italy’s non-ferrous metals businesses. The market is very nervous, with purchases and sales having more and more of a spot dynamic. As never before, it is necessary to keep a vigilant eye on the future, with its combination of opportunities and uncertainties.

Italy still appears to be poised somewhere between a gradual return to well-being and an evident structural weakness despite improvements in economic and social conditions over the last two years. An important brake on income growth is provided by the falling birth rate coupled with the rapid ageing of the population. Despite this, however, employment rates and labour productivity have started to rise again.

It is essential to focus on the younger generation by giving it the opportunity to capitalize on the best possible education and training opportunities in line with companies’ demands in this period of great technological transformation and the transition to digitization and environmental sustainability.

Government choices over the last decade have broadened incentives for business investments, making them more selective, orientating them towards research/innovation, digitization and the green transition - for example, through the Industry 4.0 and Transition 4.0 programmes.

It is necessary to overcome current structural limits in order to return to a robust development of the economy and of society, and this will naturally lead to progress in corporate culture and productivity.