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The Pakistani government’s measures for boosting the country’s exports are now producing signs of optimism for domestic non-ferrous metals recycling. The government has set up a special investment facilitation council to help exporters and foreign investors manage all the hurdles to doing business in the country and this is actively creating opportunities, mainly for Chinese investors in the metals recycling business. 

Disruption in the Red Sea is causing real concerns for businesses as transit times have doubled to Asia from the USA, Canada and Europe. At the same time, logistics costs have jumped between 10% and 50% depending on the regions involved, while insurance costs have also increased significantly. 

Domestic demand for goods remains weak owing to the public’s reduced purchasing power, resulting largely from the country’s alarming inflation levels. Meanwhile, export markets for metals are far more positive for businesses in view of the overall geopolitical situation globally; we can see commodities going significantly higher with more and more shortages of materials until conflicts are defused.