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The plastics market is more stable as a consequence of all the changes that have happened in recent months.

There is still a large demand for LDPE/LLDPE granules and the prices are at high levels compared to the start of the year. PS granules have been attracting fresh interest - especially on the local market and in Eastern Europe - and prices have increased by more than 10%. In addition, several companies are interested in PP crates owing to the spring season but demand is still much lower than expected.

The PET price has been recovering steadily, increasing every month. Demand on the local market is very high, with imports from neighbouring countries.

The Basel Convention amendment remains an obstacle to plastics scrap exports and imports, with no changes announced since the previous report. Meanwhile, a new ban has been introduced by the Turkish government on imports of all PE-based plastics (PET, HDPE and LDPE); this will come into force from June-July 2021 and will certainly affect the market.