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Report for Romania

The European market has been heavily affected by inflation and increased electricity costs. In Romania, the price has tripled since the beginning of the year and is not showing signs of stabilizing.

Prices have increased for LDPE granules mainly as a result of these higher electricity costs but the market is blocked because large consumers have cut production and working hours. There is a high level of interest in PS granules, along with a small increase in prices. PP and HDPE granules are facing up to a significant price drop, with the former having decreased more than 20% since the previous month.

The domestic market for PET was very attractive in 2021 and for half of the current year, but interest has waned for the moment and prices have dropped on average by 50% compared to last month. Engineering plastics prices have also been adjusted by over 30%.

Under new Romanian legislation, the environmental agency is imposing additional controls on scrap exports and imports, leading to additional pressure on the market as waiting times at the borders have increased significantly.