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Report for Romania

Since the previous Mirror report, there have been several important changes in the plastics market. Transparent LDPE granules are still in high demand on the domestic market but prices are decreasing owing to the large number of active sellers. Interest in LDPE coloured granules has diminished of late and prices have tended to follow this trend.

An increasing number of factories are looking for PS granules, especially white; prices are stable at present as there is a good balance between supply and demand. Meanwhile, interest in PP granules and regrind has dwindled on the domestic and wider European market, leading to lower prices. For HDPE, there is a substantial market for blown material, with stable prices for drums of less than 5 litres, while the extrusion/injection sectors are not as attractive and so prices have fallen.

For the first time in many years, the domestic market has lost interest in PET, leading to a steep drop in prices. Conversely, plastics obtained from e-scrap - including ABS, PC and PMMA - are in great demand and sales prices have increased, while the market for technical plastics remains stable without any major changes in terms of volumes and price.