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There have been major changes in the plastics market over recent months, both in terms of quantities and values.

LDPE transparent granules have become more interesting and prices have increased by at least 10% compared to previous months. The same trend can also be observed for the baled material. Conversely, interest has markedly declined in coloured LDPE granules, with less demand and decreasing sales prices.

As for PS regrind and granules, sales prices have also decreased and only high-quality material remains sought-after.

For both PP granules and regrind, prices are constant in the European market but demand is quite low.

On the one hand, blow-moulded HDPE - especially bottles smaller than 5 litres - is in demand and prices have increased compared to last month. On the other, injection/extrusion HDPE is seeing lower demand and prices have fallen. Inquiries for PET have also decreased, and hence prices too.

Plastics from electronics and technical industries such as ABS, PC and PMMA are experiencing high demand and prices are constant.