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A lot of pressure has been applied in the EU to achieve very ambitious recycling and recyclability goals. Producers are being forced to meet quotas for recycled material, which does not have a competitive price compared to virgin resins. Pressure to meet recycled content targets has increased non-transparent imports from non-European countries. When combined with the cost-of-living crisis and with reduced industrial production in Europe creating less demand for recycled plastic (especially rPET), this increase in imports has put the EU plastics recycling industry in checkmate.

If we want to preserve this industry, we must strengthen compliance with legislation, especially regarding the traceability of recycled plastic imports. We must look to avoid unverified declarations while promoting traceability and increasing transparency about the origin of recycled plastics. Only with effective compliance with the legislation will we be able to create a stable market for recycled plastic, helping to overcome the economies of scale that this market entails.