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There have been several important changes in the plastics market, both in terms of quantities and values. Interest in and prices for transparent LDPE granules have increased in recent months whereas interest is lower in coloured LDPE, for which sales are harder to make and prices are declining.

Prices for PS regrind and granules have fallen abruptly and sales are slow owing to the lack of interest. PP prices are similar to those of recent months and some improvement in demand has been seen.

Demand in the market for blow-moulded HDPE, especially bottles smaller than 5 litres, has supported a small price increase. The same can be said for extruded/injection HDPE.

PET demand has decreased in the local market but prices have been constant for several months.

In the market for technical plastics (ABS, PC, PMMA), there has been a continuation of the constant demand and prices seen previously.