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As in the opening half of 2021, paper mills worked at full capacity in the third quarter. All of them imported more than usual in the second quarter but less than normal in the ensuing three months. Owing to weather conditions, there was an increase in domestic collection activity; this led to a 20% drop in buying prices which, when combined with higher selling prices for finished paper, meant a very profitable quarter for all paper mills.

All recovered paper mills are in a very balanced position in terms of stocks and have enough orders for the final quarter of the year. As a result, the price reductions applied in the third quarter have not been carried over into the fourth quarter, instead settling back at their previous levels.

Kipas Holding`s fluting and liner mill has come on stream and the company has accelerated its investment plans for a duplex board machine. Other mills have activated their earlier investment plans, with another group said to be looking to build a pulp mill in Turkey.