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Entering last year’s final quarter, the recovered paper market seemed to have reached its peak such that more stable conditions prevailed, with small price declines for some qualities. However, the COVID situation makes it hard to predict the direction of the market from this point.

Demand for both OCC and graphic papers remained high even though mills’ stocks appeared to improve slightly at the end of the fourth quarter. There was also good demand for mixed paper as mills had a great need for raw material.

For newsprint and graphic papers, there were generally stable prices but minor decreases in some cases. Producer responsibility relating to newspapers ended in Sweden at the close of 2021. Demand from insulation producers increased even more during the fourth quarter and OINP needs continue to be high.

Problems relating to logistics did not ease throughout the final quarter of 2021 and became tougher than normal during the Christmas period owing to a lack of capacity and mills wanting to stock up prior to the holidays.