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Owing to the continued weakening of the economy and of associated consumption patterns in Germany, there remains a similarly weak order situation for paper, cardboard and, consequently, recovered paper. Most paper and cardboard producers’ warehouses are filled to the brim, both for new paper and raw materials.

With the school holidays, recovered paper collections have continued to decline. Given the absence of full order books, this means less raw material to be reinjected into the cycle.

An improvement in export conditions owing to low sea freight rates to Asia has led to an increase in orders for the Far East and to price pressure, especially in the vicinity of ports in Western and Northern Europe. Waste disposal companies are benefitting from higher prices, forcing consumers of recovered paper to increase payments slightly at the end of the third quarter.

Imports of recovered paper - mainly kraft-containing and medium-to-higher grades - have continued to decline and have been adapted to the lower consumption levels.

Economic stagnation and changes to consumption behaviour have created increasing problems in the sector. Only exports have helped to slightly improve the overall situation.