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During the third quarter, there was a stabilization in the market for OCC and continued low demand for mixed paper. OCC prices saw a slight increase but the current economic landscape still poses challenges in predicting the future direction of the market. Factors such as rising interest rates, inflation and a cooling-down within many industries are all contributing to this uncertainty. Mills are experiencing high stock levels and a decrease in orders.

Demand for newsprint and other graphic qualities has continued to decline owing to thinner order books and the uncertainties surrounding the final quarter of the year. Newspaper collections are still at low levels. The insulation sector, which has remained stable for a long time, is now coming into line with other outlets and its demand has dropped significantly since the second quarter owing to a slowing real estate sector.

In terms of logistics, the third quarter did not bring any significant changes. Truck availability remained good while transportation prices continued to be high, both domestically and internationally.