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More stability in the market and in prices for OCC emerged during the latter months of 2023. However, current economic conditions are still far from stable: as mentioned in earlier reports, factors such as high interest rates, inflation and now the situation in the Red Sea have been contributing to this uncertainty. Many mills reduced their stock levels and implemented maintenance stoppages in December. Demand for mixed paper continued to be low throughout the fourth quarter.

Newsprint and graphic qualities also saw a stabilization in terms of prices and demand, although 3.18 stood out in continuing downwards. Collection volumes were low for newspapers. At the same time, tissue mills witnessed more stable demand. On the positive side, insulation manufacturers experienced an increase in demand over the final quarter of last year, both for new construction and from the renovation sector.

In terms of logistics, availability of trucks was low in the latter part of December, as seen every year when drivers go on their winter break and when mills slow down. Other than that, logistics continued as normal.