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BIR Abu Dhabi 2023 is fast approaching with only one week to go! International Environment Council will put the spotlight on Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms

  • 16 October 2023


International Environment Council Plenary Session:

“Carbon policies and Trade”: Spotlight on Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms 

The key role of BIR’s International Environment Council is to monitor - and, where possible, influence - new policies and regulations that concern any aspect of recycling, whether at national, regional or supranational level. The twice-yearly BIR Conventions provide the perfect opportunity to update industry professionals on all the latest legislative developments of note, with a laser focus on explaining how proposed or newly-implemented rules and regulations will specifically affect the day-to-day operations of recyclers around the world.

So if you run a recycling business, the next meeting of the International Environment Council in Abu Dhabi on October 23 should be marked as a ‘must-attend’ event on your calendar.

With the progressive implementation of the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) from 1 October 2023, which will be fully implemented as from 2026, we want to inform our members about the implications for our sector and international trade, especially for the iron & steel and aluminium industries, which will be particularly affected.

A carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) is a trade policy measure that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by imposing a carbon price on imported goods. The carbon price is designed to be equivalent to the carbon price that would have been paid if the goods had been produced domestically. CBAMs are intended to address the risk of carbon leakage, which occurs when companies move production to countries with less stringent carbon regulations in order to avoid paying higher costs. CBAMs can also help to level the playing field between domestic and imported goods, and encourage foreign producers to reduce their emissions.


Olivier Francois, Chairman of BIR International Environment Council


Emmanuel Katrakis, Secretary General, EuRIC

“CBAM at the European level”




Adam Shaffer, Assistant Vice President International Trade & Global Affairs, ISRI (USA)
“Efforts on a US carbon tax and carbon border trade”