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  • BIR Abu Dhabi 2023 - Programme highlights Paper Division: What a difference a year makes…

BIR Abu Dhabi 2023 - Programme highlights Paper Division: What a difference a year makes…

  • 29 September 2023

Paper division

Paper Plenary Session:

What a difference a year makes…

2022 has become a fast-fading memory. The paper recycling industry’s fortunes in 2023 could hardly be more different from those heady days last year when supply was the key and high prices prevailed. The harsh reality today is that major customers’ thin order books have translated into poor demand for the recycling industry’s products. Confronted by this rapidly-changing landscape, it becomes ever more vital for paper recyclers to seek out the latest information and the best advice. So circle October 24 in your diary and make sure you attend the next meeting of the BIR Paper Division in Abu Dhabi, at which sectoral experts will be analysing the current status of the paper recycling industry and its likely direction of travel.

Gopal Khetan picInvited guest speaker is Gopal Khetan, Responsible for Global Purchase of Waste Paper at Belgium-based Synergy Tradeco NV, a global supplier, distributor and trader of recyclable, non-prime and prime raw materials such as steel, metal, paper, plastics, minerals and timber. For over two decades, Mr. Khetan has been an influential force in the paper recycling industry, actively engaged in trade on a global scale. As a recognized expert in the field of paper recycling, Gopal Khetan possesses a profound knowledge of the entire paper recycling process. From the initial stages of collection and sorting to the intricate processes of pulping and reprocessing, he demonstrates an exceptional understanding of the industry's complexities. During the Paper plenary session, Gopal will give an expert insight into the Indian and Middle Eastern recovered paper sector.



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