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  • BIR Amsterdam 2023 is approaching! Ferrous Division announces programme: How will energy costs impact us in the future?
BIR Amsterdam 2023 is approaching! Ferrous Division ... Image 1

BIR Amsterdam 2023 is approaching! Ferrous Division announces programme: How will energy costs impact us in the future?

  • 20 April 2023

Ferrous division

Plenary Session Ferrous:

How will energy costs impact us in the future?

This pressing question and other parameters affecting the recycled steel sector will be at the center of our upcoming Ferrous plenary session on 23 May in Amsterdam!

A largely troubled 2022 for the recycled steel industry was replaced by a more positive start to 2023 as early-year price gains reflected rising new steel prices, widespread tightness in recycled steel supply and additional stimulus measures from a Chinese government looking to kick-start its economy after the removal of business-hampering COVID restrictions. However, the combination of commercial, economic and geopolitical pressures is creating an uncertain and therefore unstable picture which has been further complicated by the devastating earthquakes afflicting the largest importer of recycled steel, namely Turkey.

With so much depending on forces and developments outside of the recycled steel industry’s control, such as the resilience of new steel demand, the BIR Ferrous Division’s chaired by divisional President Denis Reuter (TSR Recycling GmbH&Co KG, DEU) will provide the perfect opportunity for delegates to hear expert assessments of all the key factors and their likely impact on the future direction of the recycled steel market.

Programme and speakers:

  • Ole Rolser, Partner, McKinsey & Company (NLD): “Energy costs and their future development!”

Mr Rolser leads McKinsey’s Global Energy Perspective team. In this role, he directs their efforts to understand the dynamics affecting future energy demand and creates forecasts across different fuels, industries, and regions.

In his advisory work, Mr Rolser works with leaders across the energy system as they seek to set new strategy and optimize company portfolios. He draws on extensive experience in gas marketing, contract arbitration, and renegotiation, while also addressing emerging opportunities in new energy segments. Working with clients in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, Mr Rolser helps shape strategies that balance supply security, cost, and decarbonization goals.

  • Panel discussion with main speaker and divisional board members on the energy costs and their future development.

  • Presentation of 14th edition of World Steel Recycling in Figures, BIR’s major statistics on the recycled steel sector, by Rolf Willeke, Ferrous Statistics Advisor.

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