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BIR Dubai 2022 - Tyres & Rubber Committee: Status quo and outlook for end-of-life tyres in the Gulf countries

  • 23 September 2022

Tyresrubber committee

Has there ever been a better time to be in the tyre and rubber recycling sector? As we heard at our meeting in May this year, it has lost its “poor relation” tag and become one of the most dynamic segments of the recycling industry, thanks in large part to a seismic shift in priorities from the economic to the ecological. Investors and corporations are taking a more active interest, not only because of steeply increasing demand among consumers for products made from sustainable raw materials but also because of the successful development of high-volume solutions for providing sustainably-produced raw materials.

Before this backdrop, the BIR Tyres & Rubber Committee meeting in Dubai on October 18 will focus in particular on the current situation and future trends for ELV tyres in the Gulf countries, with a host of guest presenters and panellists brought together in a session co-moderated by Committee Chairman Max Craipeau, Greencore Resources Ltd (CHN) and Robert Weibold, Founder of Weibold Tyre Recycling Consulting (AUT).

Speaker line-up:

Robert Weibold, Founder, Weibold Tyre Recycling Consulting (AUT)

Since 1999, Weibold Consulting has been helping 500+ companies build successful tyre recycling and pyrolysis businesses. Robert Weibold will give a statistical overview about the Gulf region. What happened already in the past, where do end-of-life tyres go today, what is needed to develop a healthy industry?

Eng. Zaid Bdour, Plant Manager, Gulf Rubber Factory (UAE)

GRF is one of the longest established tyre recycler and rubber products producer in the UAE. Eng. Zaid Bdour will share his experience working in the region and the many challenges they have been facing along the way of becoming a successful company.

Abdullah Ahmed S Alqurashi, Director of Business Development, Global Environmental Management Services (SAU)

Global Environmental Management Services (GEMS) is a leading provider of integrated waste management solutions in Saudi Arabia. GEMS will talk about their vision of clearing all historic tyre landfills and developing markets for tyre-derived products.

Khaled Jamal Chaaroui, General Manager, EPSCO Global General Trading (KWT)

The EPSCO tyre recycling plant is located in the world's largest landfill in Kuwait and began operations in January 2021. Mr Khaled Jamal Chaaroui will give an insight into the daily challenges they are facing and EPSCO's vision to reduce the largest tyre stockpile on earth.

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