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Important – your input needed: Fill in the 2023/24 Shredder ... Image 1

Important – your input needed: Fill in the 2023/24 Shredder Safety Survey

  • 13 June 2024


All operators and owners of >1,000 HP car shredders are herewith requested to participate in the latest BIR Shredder Safety Survey, which you can fill in in one of five languages (the links lead you directly to the respective page):










As announced at the Shredder Committee plenary meeting during the BIR World Recycling Convention in Copenhagen in May 2024, BIR has launched the 2024 Shredder Safety Survey which is now open to all companies. The results will be published in full at the 2025 BIR World Recycling Convention. Preliminary results will be presented at the 2024 World Recycling Convention on 28-29 October in Singapore.

The Shredder Safety Survey is published every other year in the form of the Shredder Safety Report, which is an important resource for BIR members and the general public. It provides valuable information about worksite safety at shredders over 1,000 horsepower worldwide. The survey collects information about workplace safety, which is treated with utmost confidentiality. BIR invites all its interested corporate and association members to participate and share with partners.

The shredder safety survey is targeted at operators and owners of >1,000 HP car shredders. It collects and confidentially aggregates information about aspects such as the specific places where accidents happenthe nature of accidentsenvironmental conditionspersonnel experience, and more. This information allows the final report to provide valuable insights and information for operators to protect the health and safety of all persons on their premises.

The shredder safety report is a unique data source for industry and research institutions, as no other comparable publication exists. It has served as a useful tool for designing trainingbenchmarking installations, providing safety briefings, and creating up-to-date data for the industry.

Based on survey feedback, previous reports have made recommendations to shredder operators, including having first-aid kits and trained first-aiders on site, using eye protection, and even wearing dust masks in windy conditions when dust and debris are in the air.