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  • Less than two weeks to go for BIR Amsterdam 2023: Non-Ferrous Division announces a packed programme filled with data and debate

Less than two weeks to go for BIR Amsterdam 2023: Non-Ferrous Division announces a packed programme filled with data and debate

  • 10 May 2023

Non-Ferrous Plenary Session :

A packed programme filled with data and debate

Non Ferrous Metals division

Variety will be spicing up the Non-Ferrous Metals Division meeting in Amsterdam later this month, with presentations and conversations covering a broad range of commodities and spanning the entire globe.

Our guest speakers will be: Jianbin Meng, Director of Economics and Environment at the International Lead and Zinc Study Group/International Nickel Study Group, who will provide us with an overview of the global lead/zinc industry and of scrap metals’ role in meeting demand needs; and Jean-Marc Moulin, Director of Sustainability at Norsk Hydro ASA, who will focus on challenges and ambitions within the EU’s “green” framework and how recycling can help producers to decarbonize. Divisional President Dhawal Shah of Metco Ventures will then update delegates on standardization, specifically proposals from the Bureau of Indian Standards covering the scrap metals trade and how they could impact recyclers.

Even then, there’s more to come. The session will feature a whistle-stop review from Elinor Feuer of Sweden-based Chilanga AB of global market conditions and their effects on scrap trading. And for those with an unquenchable thirst for non-ferrous data and debate, there will also be a hot-topics panel discussion between speakers and divisional board members, to be jointly moderated by Natallia Zholud of TRM Group in Poland and Alejandro Jaramillo of Glorem SC in Mexico.

With such a packed programme in prospect, there are multiple good reasons to join us in Amsterdam on Monday May 22.

Programme and speakers:

Jianbin Meng, Director of Economics and Environment, International Lead and Zinc Study Group (ILZSG) / International Nickel Study Group (INSG) (PRT)

“An overview of global lead and zinc industry and scrap metals role in meeting the demand”

Jianbin Meng is the Director of Economics and Environment for the International Lead and Zinc Study Group and the International Nickel Study Group, intergovernmental organizations established within the UN system. In the course of more than 23 years of working in the metal and mining industry, Mr Meng has extensively worked in mitigating international trade conflict, annual benchmark iron ore price negotiation, loan project coordination, mining project consultancy from PFS to BFS, establishing and maintaining dialogues and working contacts with international organizations and related governmental departments. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Economics and Trade from North-eastern University and graduated with an MBA from the University of International Business and Economics.

Jean-Marc Moulin, Director of Sustainability, NORSK HYDRO ASA (NOR)

“How recycling can help producers to decarbonize, challenges and ambitions within EU framework”

Mr Moulin joined Norsk Hydro as Energy Solutions Manager in 2008 and held a number of different roles within the organization until he became Director of Sustainability.  Originally from Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, he holds an MSC in Construction Engineering, and an MBA from Louvain School of Management.  He started his career in 1995 as a project engineer designing civil works in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, then moved to roofs and building solutions and specialised in building physics, sustainable products, active and passive solutions related to solar energies. After some years as Sales and Marketing Director for the Hydro Building Systems business unit he returned to his beloved field of expertise, and where his passion lies: Sustainability, and levers it since 2017 for Hydro Extrusions, the largest global aluminium extrusion-based solutions operation in the world, counting 100 production sites in more than 40 countries.


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