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New programme highlights at BIR Abu Dhabi 2023: Plastics ... Image 1

New programme highlights at BIR Abu Dhabi 2023: Plastics Committee: Unleashing a force for environmental good

  • 22 September 2023

Plastics Plenary Session:

Unleashing a force for environmental good 

Nothing good lasts forever, it has been said. Well, for plastics recyclers, nothing good seems to last for very long. Only briefly did the sector enjoy the benefits of huge demand and high prices, built around a surge in brand commitments to the increased use of recycled content in their products and packaging. But all too soon the sector has suffered a return to the days of low-to-zero profitability that will clearly stifle investment in our crucial pro-planet activities. Conducive market fundamentals are clearly essential if plastics recycling is to realise its full potential as a force for environmental good, whether that be achieved through legislation or through some other means. With the industry at this landmark moment, there is every good reason to join global experts for the next meeting of the BIR Plastics Committee, taking place in Abu Dhabi on October 24.

The panel of experts consists of Committee Chairman Henk Alssema (Vita Plastics, Netherlands), who will moderate the discussions, Plastics Committee members Steve Wong (China Sustainable Plastics Association), Max Craipeau (Greencore Resources, China), and Mahmoud Al Sharif (Sharif Metals Group, United Arab Emirates) as well as two guests, Jerome Viricel of RECAPP for Veolia Middle East, and Alev Somer, BIR Trade & Environment Director.

Jerome Viricel of RECAPP for Veolia Middle East, is a highly accomplished entrepreneur with 18 years of experience managing successful companies in France, North Africa, and the Middle East.

He holds an MSc. in Management specializing in European Entrepreneurial Learning from EMLyon Business School. Jerome's career began with event and communication services, organizing major corporate events for French groups. In 2012, he expanded to the Middle East, driving commercial development for a French textile company. Currently, as General Manager of RECAPP for Veolia Middle East, Jerome leverages his expertise in project management, marketing, and business development to promote sustainable practices and operational excellence in recyclable management.

Ms Somer will be speaking more specifically about the Global Plastics Treaty, a legally-binding  instrument on plastic pollution currently in preparation at UN level. 

This new Global Plastics Treaty will be developed through five Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee meetings during the period 2022 to 2024. The aim will be to complete the drafting of a new UN Convention in 2024 for signing by country delegations by mid-2025.

Steve Wong (China Sustainable Plastics Association)

Max Craipeau (Greencore Resources, China)

Mahmoud Al Sharif (Sharif Metals Group, United Arab Emirates)


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