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  • New programme highlights at BIR Amsterdam 2023: Plastics Committee: The current threats and opportunities in plastics recycling
New programme highlights at BIR Amsterdam 2023: Plastics ... Image 1

New programme highlights at BIR Amsterdam 2023: Plastics Committee: The current threats and opportunities in plastics recycling

  • 24 April 2023

Plastics Plenary Session:

The current threats and opportunities in plastics recycling

plastics committee

There’s never a dull moment in the life of a plastics recycler. Squeezed margins are currently co-existing with a surge in minimum recycled content mandates and in brand-owner commitments to using recycled plastics, but for how long can recyclers expect subdued pricing to persist at a time of rising costs? At the same time, there is constant shift in the regulatory framework surrounding plastics recycling, with BIR playing a front-and-centre role in protecting the interests of its members. Clarity is crucial in such turbulent times and the BIR Plastics Committee meeting in Amsterdam on May 24 will aim to supply the information and the insight to help delegates make better-informed business decisions.

Programme and speakers:

Caroline van der Perre, Managing Director, RAFF Plastics (BEL)

“Recycle the present for a better future”

After her studies in marketing, Ms van der Perre joined the company her father founded in 1976. The family business was originally active in PVC processing and has gradually evolved to the recycling of other plastic streams including high-density polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene. As Managing Director, Ms van der Perre is responsible for strategic planning of the production activities, the operations management, finance, logistics and marketing.  She has built up a solid experience in recycling matters as well as the applicable legal framework for the treatment of waste and deploys her straightforward and entrepreneurial management skills to realise her ambition to put RAFF Plastics on the map to raise awareness among people and businesses of the importance of sorting and recycling correctly. With a turnover of EUR 51 million in 2022, RAFF Plastics has become a leading recycling company active in sorting and recycling production waste and post-consumer waste (single-use consumer products). The company mainly produces granules and grinding materials tailored to customers' needs and processes 70,000 tonnes of waste annually. Caroline won the WomedAward beginning of 2023. She’s the Belgian ambassador for female entrepreneurship.

Alev Somer, Trade & Environment Deputy Director, BIR

“Reform of the EU rules on waste shipments”


Panel discussion: “The current threats and opportunities in plastics recycling”

Moderator: Henk Alssema

Panelists (in addition to the speakers):

  • Surendra Patawari Borad, Founder and Chairman, Gemini Corporation NV (BEL)
  • Sally Houghton, Executive Director, Plastic Recycling Corporation of California (USA)
  • Max Craipeau, CEO, Greencore Resources Ltd (CHN)
  • Steve Wong, Fukutomi Recycling Ltd (CHN)

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