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The important mission of BIR Ambassadors

  • 24 June 2022

Salam Sharif 20222


BIR Ambassadors have been keeping a close contact with BIR leadership, namely BIR President Tom Bird and Director General Arnaud Brunet, through their Chairman Salam AL SHARIF. Their main actions on behalf of BIR are the following:


  • Promoting BIR at various conferences, seminars, and symposia in their respective regions;
  • Raising awareness regarding recycling and the circular economy;
  • Constant social media interaction and promotions, thereby contributing to an increase in followers and prospective BIR members and convention participants;
  • Close liaison with the national associations in their respective country/region, highlighting the vital role of BIR and ensuring a timely and valuable information flow, while monitoring local trade issues;
  • Closely communicating with existing BIR members to assist in the renewal of their membership, thereby helping meet the financial targets of the BIR Treasurer;
  • Introducing new members to the secretariat and Membership Committee;
  • Helping promote sponsorship for BIR Conventions;
  • Engaging in media interaction in their respective regions with National TV and press;
  • Contributing to press articles on a variety of topics and sharing them with the mainstream media;
  • Approaching their respective local governments and decision-makers to stress the importance of free and fair trade, while advocating for a green economy and resource preservation;
  • Issuing monthly reports on the Ambassadors Committee and sharing these with the BIR Communications Committee. 

BIR Ambassadors dedicate their own valuable working and personal hours to showcase BIR, raise awareness for recycling-related issues and communicate to facilitate a constant information flow.

Salam Sharif
Sharif Metals Group DMCC (UAE)
Chairman of the BIR Ambassadors Committee