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BIR Abu Dhabi 2023: Join us for the much-acclaimed opening ... Image 1

BIR Abu Dhabi 2023: Join us for the much-acclaimed opening event on Monday, 23 October at 9.30 am

  • 19 September 2023

Abu Dhabi Opening Session “BIR – 75 and Beyond”: Paving the Way for the Future of BIR and the Recycling Industry

Renowned futurist Matthew Griffin gives keynote address

In the heart of Abu Dhabi, a transformative opening session titled "BIR – 75 and Beyond" will welcome attendees of the first BIR World Recycling Convention under the stewardship of recently elected President Susie Burrage OBE, providing a vision for the future of the organization and the recycling industry as a whole.

keynote address delivered by renowned futurist and foresight expert Matthew Griffin sets the stage for a deep-dive into the future that is being shaped by factors such as AI, technological progress, glocalisation etc.

With thirteen books to his name and a host of the popular FanaticalFuturist podcast, Griffin's insights into the future are unparalleled. He is the Founder and Futurist in Chief of the 311 Institute, a global advisory firm specializing in futures and deep futures that spans the next half-century. Griffin is also the driving force behind XPotential University, the world's first free-to-attend futures and foresight university, accessible to all.

Matthew Griffin's extraordinary talent lies in his ability to identify, track, and elucidate the far-reaching impacts of emerging technologies and trends on global business, culture, and society. Frequently featured in the global media, Griffin is driven by a noble mission: to assist organizations in crafting a fair and sustainable future, where the benefits are distributed equitably, regardless of an individual's background or circumstances.

When contemplating the future, it's vital to reflect on the present. Each year, our world consumes a staggering 100 billion tonnes of resources, yet a mere 8.4% of these resources are recycled. To combat this crisis, Matthew looks at a multifaceted approach, including innovations like cellular forestry, 3D printing to reduce resource consumption by up to 80%, eco-friendly materials, and enhanced metadata and labelling for efficient material identification. Designing products with minimal resource use, enforcing regulations to tackle issues such as e-waste, educating consumers for responsible consumption, making polluters accountable for their actions, and embracing circular economy principles, ethical capitalism, and zero-waste policies are part of his vision. A comprehensive strategy is essential to address resource depletion and environmental concerns holistically.

Following such a thought-provoking address, a subsequent panel discussion will focus on the priorities that will define the recycling industry’s roadmap for the years to come.

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