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  • BIR Amsterdam 2023 is fast approaching! Paper Division announces programme: Be the first to hear the news… on Asian and global markets!
BIR Amsterdam 2023 is fast approaching! Paper Division ... Image 1

BIR Amsterdam 2023 is fast approaching! Paper Division announces programme: Be the first to hear the news… on Asian and global markets!

  • 03 May 2023

Paper Plenary Session :

Be the first to hear the news… on Asian and global markets!

Paper Division

Just ahead of the BIR Paper Division’s previous meeting in Dubai last October, there was an abrupt end to the sustained period of high prices paid for paper for recycling. This price shock has been followed by several months of greater stability as depressed collection volumes have been countered by lower demand from paper mills struggling with elevated operating costs, thinner order books and high stocks of both finished product and raw material. And while freight rates have become more supportive, international flows are facing threats from the revision of the EU Waste Shipment Regulation and India’s review of limits on non-paper materials in recovered paper imports.

The latest meeting of the BIR Paper Division will offer the perfect opportunity to take stock of latest market developments in the company of world experts and renowned guest speakers. So join us in Amsterdam on May 22 to ensure your business keeps its place at the front of the business information queue.

Programme and speakers:

Simone Scaramuzzi, Commercial Director, LCI Lavorazione Carta Riciclata Italiana Srl (ITA)

“Recovered paper export from Europe to Asia: how it has been how it might change”

Mr Scaramuzzi joined LCI as Commercial Director in 2007, prior to this he was buyer at Pro-Gest Group. LCI srl is the result of a joint venture between UPM Kymmene and Rowe GmbH . At the beginning a purchase office and quality control for the mill of UPM Group, LCI soon started to trade in the domestic and European market and since 2009 also in Asia. The company is in continuous expansion, with LCI Spain opening in 2019 and LCU UK in 2022. The company handles around 730.000 tons of recovered paper per year, and has an expansion plan for the years to come. It also implemented an inspection procedure as service for each of its customers.

John Atehortua, Regional Trading Manager, CellMark (NDL)

“Exports of recovered paper from Europe and the US: Current trends and expectation for the coming years”

Mr Atehortua has 12 years of experience in the recovered paper industry, starting as purchase manager for Mark Lyndon BV, the purchasing arm of Lee & Man Paper. A year ago, he joined Cellmark as regional trading manager and is responsible for the sourcing of recovered paper, stock lots and plastics on the Iberian peninsula, and for sales in South East Asia and Africa. CellMark is a privately-owned, independent marketing and supply chain services company providing products, services and solutions to customers and suppliers all over the world.  Through a network of 70-plus offices in 30-plus countries, they provide a full suite of services: sourcing, sales and marketing, exclusive representation, finance, logistics, regulatory compliance, business development and custom chemicals manufacturing.


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