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Press release on behalf of Global Recycling Foundation: Closing Date for Recycling Heroes 2023 approaches

  • 24 February 2023

There is still time to enter nominations for the Global Recycling Heroes 2023.
Closing date for entries is 3 March.

Global Recycling Foundation’s competition is to recognise the creativity and innovation of individuals, business leaders, sole traders and multinationals who have continued actively to recycle during one of the toughest economic periods for many years.

There is a global resource scarcity which is now recognised by all. Second hand goods, such as fashion ware, are not only considered acceptable, but even desirable. Every penny saved in recycled and reused material will help protect the environment and the planet.

The winning entrants will receive $1000 and their ideas will be publicised on the Global Recycling Day’s social media channels shared with our global associates and followers celebrated on 18 March every year.

Ranjit Baxi, founder of the Global Recycling Foundation, said: “Recycling may not make the headlines, may not even be a topic of conversation at Climate Change or Security conferences, but it is the Seventh Resource, upon which our very future increasingly must rely – the Essential Raw Material.”
“The contributions made by our Recycling Heroes will always be recognised and their innovative skills will be followed by others.”

About the Global Recycling Foundation

The Global Recycling Foundation supports the promotion of recycling and the recycling industry across the world in order to showcase its vital role in preserving the future of the planet. It promotes Global Recycling Day as well as other educational programmes, awareness projects and innovation initiatives which focus on the sustainable and inclusive development of recycling.