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Press Release on behalf of Global Recycling Foundation: Harnessing the Power of AI to Boost Recycling

  • 22 February 2024

The Global Recycling Foundation (GRF) is calling for innovative AI solutions to drive the growth of world trade in recyclables.

The Foundation says AI can develop technologies which will revolutionise the recycling industry – an integral part of the Circular Economy - leading to improved quality standards and deliver a greener future for generations to come.

Ranjit Baxi, Founding President of GRF, said: “AI is a powerful tool which must be harnessed to strengthen the seamless exchange of recyclable raw materials connecting recyclers, manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials worldwide, helping to deliver a carbon friendly eco system.

“We need to build a real time platform streamlining sourcing and trading platforms to optimise efficiency, reduce waste and enhance increased usage of recyclables – the Seventh Resource.

“AI-supported automation in our sorting systems will boost the quality of recycling materials by enhancing operational efficiency as sorting and processing of recyclables will be done with more precision and at a higher speed.”


For further information contact Global Recycling Foundation team:
Ranjit Baxi +447860525159 

Notes for editors:
About the Global Recycling Foundation
The Global Recycling Foundation supports the promotion of recycling and the recycling industry across the world in order to showcase its vital role in preserving the future of the planet. It promotes Global Recycling Day as well as other educational programmes, awareness projects and innovation initiatives which focus on the sustainable and inclusive development of recycling.