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A word from BIR President

Susie Burrage OBE

23 May 2023

I would like to start by thanking the Nominating Committee, Executive Committee, and the whole membership for putting their faith and trust in me to lead the Bureau of International Recycling as your new President. It is a great honour. Thank you to my predecessor Tom Bird, and Treasurer Andy Wahl for your endeavours these past four years on behalf of our industry.

I am sure the Exco and I, will be relying on past presidents and other stalwarts of the industry to help guide us with their experience and wisdom. Thank you for your pledges of continued support.

I look forward to working more closely with our staunch secretariat team, who I have had the pleasure to have become better acquainted with during my 5 years as BIR Ambassador and Non-Ferrous Board member.

As your President I will endeavour to promote accountability and responsible leadership at all levels.

Whilst attending global recycling industry conferences, I have seen many potential young leaders aspiring for a chance to serve both within their home associations and also on the global stage. So during my term in office, I hope to connect with many of you, harness the enthusiasm of youth, and see how we can work together to promote and represent the world of recycling. I will certainly be looking to increase the presence of young traders and their involvement in BIR structures and governance.

Unsurprisingly, after smashing the BIR glass ceiling today, I will be looking to encourage more talented women to participate and be members of committees.

Having been a member of the BIRs World Council of Recycling Associations for the past 7 years I know how important global collaboration is for our industry. I am looking forward to continuing the excellent relations BIR have with National Associations and federations and further develop our united messaging. We will continue our efforts to produce facts and data to support joint advocacy and communications.

BIR is the global voice of the recycling industry. United under the BIR umbrella we can showcase our essential industry to its maximum potential.

The industry is facing complex challenges and we must work together to ensure unrestricted movement of our recycled materials, which are vital to global supply chains.

For 75 years BIR has been facilitating international trade, many deals have been done but also many friendships have been made at our first-class world recycling conferences.

During my tenure, I hope to welcome more members to our BIR family, so we can all make more mutually beneficial business relationships. I would like to strengthen some of our divisions and committees, in particular paper, textiles and plastics, expand our geographical footprint and improve benefits to members too.

This is a challenging but exciting time to be in our industry and I am immensely proud to have been given this opportunity to serve as the 23rd President of BIR.

I hope you will ALL be part of my journey, an integral part, sharing your ideas and knowledge and collaborating with me to develop a roadmap to make BIR stronger and better. The best it can be. Our industry, the global recycling industry deserves nothing less.

Susie Burrage OBE BIR President

BIR is the global voice of the recycling industry. United under the BIR umbrella we can showcase our essential industry to its maximum potential.”

Susie Burrage OBE
A word from BIR President